Saturday, October 30, 2010

Robert Junior Got Plastic Surgery!!!

Ah!!! Got you Paparazzi's rushing to check this out. LOL My daughter and I were at the store peeping out masks. I might use this one next time I perform or let anybody who's not use to performing use it(to over come stage fright).
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

RIP Rob(Former Member of "Da SleepWalkaz")

Before I was a Producer, I was a DJ for the group "Da SleepWalkaz" which consisted of 12 members from Bad Newz, VA. Rob "Robin Hood" was one of the rappers in the group. He was one of the most illest rappers in the group. He would bring rhymes to the mic that would make you go home and practice freestyling. The SleepWalkaz were real MCS from the streets of VA. They never wrote anything down. All their songs consisted of nothing but freestyles. Nothing like the MCs today who rap but can't freestyle at all. Rob didn't hesitate for nothing. You even mention starting a freestyle, he would take his hand and move his dreads to the back of his head and just freestyle. Yo, mad love to Rob and the rest of the SleepWalkaz. No doubt.

Robert Junior's brother in a movie!!!

Yo, my lil' brother in his first movie role. About to make them big bucks.

RIP Bump!!!

RIP to my cousin Bump...Man I miss you. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Join the Homies!!!

Whatz up homies..... HOMIE HARVEST PARTY @ D-TOUR WHAREHOUSE SUNDAY OCT 31st 6:30-8:30 Dress up like your favorite homie. MUZIC GAMES PRIZES CANDY Junior & senior high... 6131 Rainier rd se in the.................. {360} Rememberz HOMIES 4 LIFE !!! m.j.b & mrs.B /Mrs.P & M.W. /L.D. PEACE & GOD BLESS
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One M.I.C. of Word Fire featured on DJ IRock Jesus Mixtape

Yo, keep an eye out for One M.I.C. He's featured on DJ IRock Jesus' mixtape. It'll be out soon. Peep it and show your love. You can show him love either at onemic@wordfirerecords or at www.wordfirerecords (guestbook).
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Aliens are here!!!(Scream)

At Wild Waves with my kids and the Aliens invaded the park. Made me think and wait a minute...I sometimes feel like an Alien cause this is not my home. I know I'm from Bad Newz, VA but still this not my home. My home is in Heaven. I'm just visiting and doing what my Father told me to do till my Father says it's time to go home. So basically, to all Christians... we're just passing through. When I leave, you can  have all my studio stuff, I won't need it. Everything I'm in need of AND MORE, is up there. Think about it. GOD bless!

Look at the Green Dude!!!!!

Yo, me and my kids were on our way to Wild Waves and saw this kat jogging and dancing up and down the street. I was like "Halloween's not till next week". But living in Washington...just like New see weird everyday. So, me being me, stop the car and ask him if it was okay to take a picture with him. No doubt...crazy huh?

Robert Junior/Ra((H))uL Collab

Ra((H))uL asked Robert Junior to collab with him on his song for his album. No doubt...that's what it's all about. Fam supporting fam. Robert Junior refused to charge because he says "What I'm doing is ministry and I'm here to do it humbly for Christ. Got to support the local, underground and unsigned." What a humble kat!!! Check out and show him some love.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check out this vault. More will be added soon.

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